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Are your employees ready for IRS tax preparer regulations and tax law changes? Are they prepared to answer customer questions with confidence?

CourtesyTax understands the importance of training.  That is why we spend over 16 hours training your staff while the average service bureau only spends six.  Our training program will get your employees up-to-date on industry changes and better prepared for IRS regulations.

Our in-depth training takes place at your location and features face-to-face training supplemented with tests and practice forms. Your employees will not only be ready for tax season but also for any regulations that the IRS may impose. Plus, training before tax season will alleviate many problems you may have experienced during past tax seasons.

What makes the CourtesyTax training program different from other service bureaus?

Even with pre-season training, employee turnover and unforeseen customer service issues may create a need for additional support during tax season. That is why we offer dependable customer and technical support throughout tax season. If you have a question or need assistance, our support team will be there to help.

Upon completion of our training curriculum, your employees will be confident and ready to sell tax preparation to your customers.

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